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About Our Company

Meridian Vortex Ltd is a newly established Irish Company who has designed two innovative biomass combustion grate systems (Patent Pending) known as the e-Grate. The first of its type, this is the DC-e-Grate a Dual Cooled (Air/Water) grate system with governed controlled combustion air to the parts of the combustion zones that require it so to create the appropriate conditions for perfect combustion.

The result is:

  • Reduced excess air
  • Cleaner combustion and higher efficiency
  • A long grate promotes for complete combustion of fuel
  • Dual Cooling that leads to stress relief and distortion control on all parts of the boiler leading to longevity for the boiler system

Following three years in the design process the new e-Grate is a unique combustion grate whereby we can control the fuel trajectory through the combustion grate to give a more efficient combustion process. As well as offering complete new biomass boiler systems, our aim is to be a significant international player in the upgrading of existing biomass boilers to achieve higher efficiencies, lower emissions or for the conversion to alternative fuels

The Twig e-Grate

With a highly qualified workforce great emphasis is placed on Research and Development within the company. To date this has resulted in various new important technological solutions and new systems contributing to high quality products at a competitive price. All systems in accordance with EN303-5 Standard.


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