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Meridian offer many boiler options for our Twig-e-Grate

Meridian Vortex Ltd provides a broad range of robust and durable boiler plants in the field of boiler technology. The heat exchangers are offered guarantee highest efficiency for the while load range, low operation and maintenance costs.

TWIG and P500 Boiler:

The Osby P500 is a highly efficient hot water boiler specifically designed for operation with burners firing wood fuels such as pellets, briquettes and chips with up to 30 % moisture content. The P500 is a welded steel construction with water jacketed combustion section and three pass flue gas section for optimum heat recovery. The combustion section of the boiler can be supplied with either a welded steel or open floor to suit the burner requirements. The boiler is supplied with burner flange to match the preferred burner and the flange can be positioned in either the front or sides of the boiler as appropriate to the boiler installation. The boiler is supplied insulated with mineral wool and metal clad.

All boiler tubes are fitted with inserts to both increase heat transfer and provide automatic cleaning of the tubes. The boiler tubes are maintained in a clean condition by using a hydraulic system to periodically stroke the inserts in the tubes. The Osby P500 is the result of many years experience in wood fired boiler design. We have focused specifically on high efficiency, low running costs, low emissions, flexible design, simple operation and reliability.

Automatic cleaning / Hydraulic unit

The P500 is supplied with equipment for automatic cleaning of the boiler tubes. Osby Parca’s automatic cleaning system keeps the flue gas tubes clean at all times. The system includes hydraulic power pack controlled by time relays. Pneumatic tube cleaning can also be supplied via air compressor.

Our Twig e-Grate can be adapted to many boiler heat exchangers and offer the following options:

Twig and PS Boiler

The PS Boiler has been designed to burn small and large fraction biomass fuels. The large combustion area ensures complete combustion of gases and carbon particles in flue dust.

The PS boiler has a 3 pass heat exchanger and the heating surface of the heat exchanger has welded ribs that efficiently transfer heat from fuels to hot gases to heat hot water. The heat exchanger hot vertical ribs collect less soot than conventional tube heat exchangers.

The PS boiler is delivered with steel base and lined with combustion-improving refractory inside the furnace.

The PS boiler can be manufactured with hatches either on the Right or Left side of the boiler, depending on buyers needs in order to simplify designing the boiler room and installing the boiler. The furnace hatch can either be on the side or at the front of the boiler. The PS boiler can be supplied with compressed air operated automatic convector cleaning.

DC-e-Grate Boiler

DC-e-Grate (Duel Cooled) (Air/Water). This Patent Pending grate system can be adapted to biomass boilers with horizontal heat exchangers with thermal outputs from 200kw to 5000kw.

The DC-e-Grate can be provided with the following parameters:

  • Low Temperature Hot Water up 1350C and 4 - 6 and 10 bar operational pressure
  • Steam Boilers, Design Pressure 6-16bar-g output 500kw to 5000kw

Reliable long operating life of the combustion grate frame, due to the duel cooling process during high fire, partial load operations and shut down schedules. This boiler is controlled via a touch screen with simple, user friendly menus allowing for fully automated performance complete with  automatic ignition, automatic cleaning of heat exchanger and ash removal. Further outstanding features is our ‘Green Cloud’ Total Tracking Program.

Welcome to the world of the Meridian Vortex Ltd, Here you will find a short overview of our product portfolio of boilers and combustion grate systems.

Our comprehensive range of technology supports many sectors from:

  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Poultry Sector
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure Centres
  • Industrial Heat
  • Process Steam
  • Any many more.

and giving you the flexibility with many different fuels. Meridian Vortex Ltd through its e-Grate technology can offer customers a range of boiler models depending on the fuels used and their moisture content and working pressure and temperature requirements.


Meridian Vortex Ltd can now offer customers an innovative biomass combustion grate technology. Our goal is to have a low-cost and low maintenance solution for customers, thus generating greater savings in both maintenance and fuel costs over the life of the boiler. If you currently have a biomass boiler installed and you want to upgrade this to a high efficient boiler offering you performance and efficiency, it may be possible to adapt the e-Grate to you boiler system at minimal costs.


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