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Biomass Fuels Can Meet The Challange

Woodfuel is news again!

Using wood for fuel is hardly a new idea, so why the recent upsurge in interest? With the drive for renewable energy in Europe to reduce our Greenhouse Gases wood fuel is experiencing a renaissance, providing an economical alternative to fossil fuels. Using wood fuel reduces our reliance on fossil fuels which, in turn, helps to lower carbon emissions. And wood fuel can play a major part in Ireland’s renewable energy production. With a robust renewable energy market in Ireland utilizing wood fuel resources in the form of wood chip and wood pellet fuel will in itself develop a market in the sustainable management of woodlands to end product.

The Quest for Sustainable Energy

What Are The Benefits?

We all use energy to heat and power our homes and businesses and therefore benefit from wood fuel. Here are some of the advantages:

Net carbon emissions can be reduced compared to fossil fuels.
Modern wood fuel combustion technologies are clean and efficient.
Giving fossil fuel price sensitivity, with introduction of the carbon tax switching to wood fuel can actually reduce fuel bills.
So long as forests are sustainably managed, wood fuel provides a renewable source of energy.
Managing forests for wood fuel also benefits a wide range of other forest functions such as bio-diversity.
Using wood fuel as a renewable energy contributes to Ireland’s renewable energy targets.
Wood fuel businesses create and sustain rural jobs.

Wood fuel technology is energy efficient.

Wood fuel can be burned using sophisticated, modern technology to create energy efficiently. Technology has moved a long way from the traditional, small-scale use of wood on open fires. Meridian Vortex Ltd can provide the technology to burn wood fuel in an automatic high-efficiency biomass boiler.


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