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Total Tracking Programme (T.T.P.)

Our new control system is user-friendly high quality PLC that offers a multitude of settings for efficient plant operation. This new control system has been designed in conjunction with a ‘Cloud’ based platform that will allow remote access to the boiler control system in order to collect data and make changes in the parameters if required. The communication gateway will be designed to provide customers and plant managers with easily updateable, automated scheduling and tracking program for all required recurring activities.
This system will also notify via SMS and Email of any faults that occur with the boiler function

What are the benefits of the T.T.P.

This patented technology enables the system to capture real time data delivering the Key Performance Indicators (KPI). Once the raw data is mapped into the application server, calculations are analysed against the KPI and adjustments are made remotely if required.

Time is everything, if the biomass boiler is frequently checked issues that can go unnoticed and not recognised by the customer who is unfamiliar with the working parameters of a biomass boiler will cost money. With the T.T.P. the customer can receive updated weekly reports generated from the boiler control system illustrating boiler performance. In doing so preventative measures can be implemented, so that you can operate your plant without worries and such the availability of your boiler will be maximised. This will result in high efficiency, less fuel usage, less downtime all leading to more savings to the customer and accelerating the payback.


Biomass is a scientific term for living matter. The term is also used for products derived from living organisms.
By using the term ‘biomass’ we refer to the biodegradable fraction of products or by-products, residues from biological origin from agriculture, forestry and related industries.

Biomass fuels currently exploited for energy purposes are:

  • Wood Chips, from virgin material from forestry, arboriculture activities or from wood processing.
  • Energy Crops, High yield crops grown specifically for energy applications.
  • Wood Pellets, Compressed compacted sawdust from wood manufacturing and processing industry.
  • Others, However there are huge resources of residues and by-products from agricultural which could become available in quantity and could be ideal biomass boiler fuel.


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