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Virtual Design Center

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Our Virtual Design Center offers in-house drafting specialist using AutoCAD software. This will play a crucial role incorporating the specialist process components and concomitant mechanical, electrical and maintenance procedures for the technology. The design principles are focused on offering long-term sustainable solutions that benefit both the customer and the technology. Through our rigorous and continual design and development program we can offer many different solutions

Design & Installation

Leverage the expertise of our partners backed by over 100 years’ experience in developing and operating energy assets. We are your independent advocate and source of expertise, delivering the most cost-effective solutions and optimizing your energy pro-jects. We can supplement your existing teams or manage complete projects and assets on your behalf.

Plant Operation

Ensure your asset risks are managed effectively by an experienced team that you can rely on to provide the best outcome for your investment. We make certain that your assets are fit for purpose and deliver a return on investment for any project size, across whole plant lifetime.

Optimize your boiler plant operation for the best economic return within your market. Our expertise covers operational safety, governance and compliance, plant operation, flexibility and optimization, QA, risk & safety, fuel services and energy trading.

Maintenance Optimization

Keep your plant operating at the optimum level. Our independent inspection and data give you a sound basis for quality decision making. We can optimize maintenance strategy across individual plant and whole plant items, reduce outage scope and maintenance induced failures, stretch overhaul intervals and increase confidence in condition assessment.

Customer Service & Spare Parts

Due to the fact of having our own manufacturing facility guarantees you smooth and fast spare parts supply that can be delivered within 24 hours. Our highly motivated and experience service personnel will attend to our customers’ needs. We are your contact partner for daily support for the system through to preventative annual servicing program.

24 hour, 365 day operations
Service & Parts for all boilers
Office engineering and product support for field personnel
Project management
Planned Maintenance Programs


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