Welcome to the world of the Meridian Vortex Ltd, Here you will find a short overview of our product portfolio of boilers and combustion grate systems.

With our technology we are giving you the flexibility to use many different fuels. Meridian Vortex Ltd through its e-Grate technology can offer customers a range of boiler models depending on the fuels used and their moisture content and working pressure and temperature demand and budget requirements

Our comprehensive range of technology supports many sectors from:

  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Poultry Sector
  • Hospitals
  • Leisure Centres
  • And many more.

We are presenting a proven and efficient series of biomass fired burners with an in-depth five years of development and testing. Management is from qualified accomplished team who has rich experience in combustion of biomass dating back over 25 years. Our focus is on the customer and we aim to design the best solution for your business

The Future

Starts here

Born at the cross-roads between the past and the future we can now unveil to you the next generation of biomass boilers. Our e-Grate combustion technology has taken us to the next level in bio-heating. Invisible to you is our team of partners who are specialist in the bio-heating market and between us have over 95 year’s experience in this sector.


Combustion Technology

Our e-Grate combustion technology has been designed so it can be adapted to many different boiler heat exchangers. There are few limits to the flexibility of our e-Grate technology. This in turn means we can offer you a One Stop-Shop so you can select the best solution that suits your requirement’s in terms of:

  • Your required thermal energy demand.
  • Your required working parameters for temperature and pressure so it operates within its safety limits.
  • Most importantly of all it meets your economic budget for size and output of your enterprise.

Twig e-Grate


The unique thing about our Twig e-Grate burners, they bear resemblance to oil or gas burners so the combustion takes place inside the burner and the boiler acts as the heat exchanger.

With this approach you have all components associated with combustion of the fuel integrated within the e-Grate burner. This result in ease of maintenance and access to all parts are unrestricted.

The Twig e-Grate can be adapted in three different locations on the boiler, the Right Side, Left Side and the Rear of the boiler.