The Twig biomass energy burning systems is an advanced and completely automated combustion process. With an operational reliability is equal to that of, e.g., oil burners, so the use of energy sources, such as wood chips or wood pellet fuels, is truly effortless and affordable for its customers.

  • This sturdy and high quality construction guarantees this premium product a long durability
  • High thermal output and efficiency
  • Low running costs due to reduced wear and tear
  • Reliable as it has few moving parts
  • Electro- mechanically operated grate system via specially designed gearbox. (No Hydraulics).
  • Lowest emission values as have been achieved by minimum manipulation of the fuel bed.
  • Our Low-Nox combustion chamber is equipped with variable controlled primary and secondary air and Lambda O2 regulation (Oxygen Trim System) thus reducing Nox emissions.
  • Output can be gradually varied between 15% to 100% of rated capacity, low emissions even at partial load.
  • Minimal radiation losses through complete insulation of the combustion chamber in high silicon content refectory lining.
  • Wear resistant grate bars with high chromium content.
  • Temperature Controlled Back-Fire Safety System.

The entire system is controlled by a well proven micro-processor operated by a touch screen panel. In addition a ‘Cloud Based’ Total Tracking Program (T.T.P.) for remote maintenance and tele-emergency alert system via SMS and Email.


The e-Grate Has To Offer

Meridian Vortex Ltd can now offer customers an innovative biomass combustion grate technology. Our goal is to have a low-cost and low maintenance solution for customers, thus generating greater savings in both maintenance and fuel costs over the life of the boiler. If you currently have a biomass boiler installed and you want to upgrade this to a high efficient boiler offering you performance and efficiency, it may be possible to adapt the e-Grate to you boiler system at minimal costs.

Your Benefits

Optimal stable combustion behaviour

Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Low emission values

Fulfils European emission_control regulations

Fulfils European emission control regulations

Ease and time require for Operation & Maintenance

Reducing your costs

Accelerate your payback

Wear resistant grate bars with high chromium content