Meridian Vortex has developed our Blue Vortex Multi-Cyclone. With biomass boilers fly ash can be highly abrasive. This cyclone is designed to get high efficiencies form our gas flows.

Our cyclones are fitted with specially designed ceramic cones that offer:

  • High Efficiency for dust separation in cyclonic separation/extraction.
  • The curved impellers make a centrifugation effect on dust that is deposited in the hopper, while the cleaned gas exits at the top.
  • Extreme wear resistance due to high silicon carbide content.
  • Corrosion Free
  • Long life expectancy
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Multi-Cyclones are individually designed to each project by our design department.

Long Life Expectancy

Operators can rest assured that our ceramic components fitted in our cyclones will result in superior resistance to abrasive wear at acute angles of impingement. This ultimately translates into longer life than is traditionally experienced with cast iron or Ni-hard parts. As an added benefit – ceramic components are considerably easier to install, weighing in at a mere 38% of their steel counterparts.